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Best Practices:

1. Paritoshik Yojana:- The management of our society has made arrangement to give a gold -medal prize to whom who comes first in B,Ed. Exam at university level. The prize is given at and by Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University, which is sponsored by our management.
Objectives of this yojana are :- a) To motivate students b) To develop competitive attitude among students c)To appreciate and inspire students.
2. Dainik Paripath (Morning Assembly) Objectives:- i) It helps to improve students’ knowledge. ii) To check the uniform, hygienic conditions presence, and regularity of students. iii) To build up confidence in students to exhibit their creative qualities. iv) To make them disciplined. v) To develop unity. vi) To stimulate extracurricular activities. vii) To motivate expression and overcome self-consciousness. viii) To share information. ix) To develop aesthetic sense. The morning assembly is a common meeting ground to which each brings his offerings, a place where all cooperate for the pleasure and well being of the whole. The idea of a morning assembly is primarily to set the day off with positive energy. The topics chosen should therefore be positive and forward looking. In our College, the procedure is presented as per the following format. The morning assembly takes place at 11:50 am in following way 1) Assembly order. 2) National Anthem. 3) Message of Day. 4) Current affairs. 5) Prayer. In our college we called it as ‘Dainik Paripath’ it is the basic best practice for the students, teacher educators that they all are introduced with the assembly. This practice is one of them. The college is making a small effort to ensure that it will help for college student to become the back bone of the country of India.